Monday, 11 May 2015

A-Z Lolita asks

A: Do you own anything from Angelic Pretty?
Good lord, I am some sort of AP hoarder. It's slightly ridiculous! 

B: Do you prefer Baby the Stars Shine Bright or Alice and the Pirates?
AATP is more suited to my tastes then BTSSB but I like them both. 

C: Cutest accessory you own?

D: Dream print?

E: Do you put together coords for various holidays? What’s your favorite?
Yes! It's always fun to make a coordinate for holidays. My favourites are Christmas and Halloween as I already have many dresses within my wardrobe that I can use.
I also like summery coordinates. Heavy use of chiffon and fruit themes with little straw hats.

F: Do you have any lolita friends?

A couple of photos of the besties. Who I have all been to Japan with! I am so grateful that a fashion has brought me close to so many amazing people and has given my friendships i'll cherish forever. 

G: Gothic or sweet lolita?

H: How do you deal with getting “weird looks” because you’re dressed differently?

This depends on the situation completely and how i react depends on that. A look is a look that i dont like to make a big deal over. Just smile and waves boys.
HOWEVER if you come up to me being a massive dick and trying to throw shade i will sass you in to next week and make you the laughing stock of the street. Hell, I am already drawing attention to myself imagine the scene i could make.

Although i save that for special occasions. Normally it's nice folks who want a photo or to ask about the fashion and i am happy to educate and recruit you to our cult.

I: Do you think you ever went through an “ita” phase? Describe.
Everyone does.
However you need to take the concrit and grow so you can blossom.

J: Take a picture of all your lolita jewelry!
Currently moving so i don't have all my jewelry on hand!

K: Are there any other styles that you like, such as fairy kei, etc?
While i do like fairy kei and gyaru I don't wear the styles nor am I active in the communities.

L: Are you lifestyle lolita? Do you wish to be one day?
I am too lazy for that to happen. Whilst it would be lovely to wear the fashion daily, i feel it would be impractical and also a pain. Also sometimes you don't want to wear lolita and laze about in your pyjamas. (which i am currently doing)

M: Do you watch anime or read manga?

YES. I mean yes i partake in the occasional *cough daily* watching of anime. 

N: Favorite new 2015 print?

Pre ordered this bad boy. Red jsk with headbow get on my body!

O: OPs, skirts, or JSKs?


P: Favorite place to go while dressed in lolita?

A cute tea room or a historical place or event.

Q: Create your own question!

Good grief I don't know.

R: Rate these brands from your favorite to least favorite: Angelic Pretty, Btssb,A&P, Innocent World, Bodyline, and Metamorphose!

AP, AATP, BTSSB, Innocent world, Meta, Bodyline

S: Do you think Sugary Carnival is cute, or overrated?

My god when i first started i need the pink or sax in my life so bad. Growing up in lolita my tastes have change and whilst i don't like sweet having the black jsk in my wardrobe for the nostalgia sake would be great.

T: Favorite flavor of tea?

Earl Grey, peppermint or peach.

U: Cute underwear or bloomers?

Both, why the hell not.

V: Do you like to wear vests or cardigans?


W: Take a picture of your lolita wardrobe!

X: What’s the worst print or dress you’ve seen?

Probably some of meta's prints...

Y: Upload a picture of yourself in lolita.

Z: What do you love most about lolita fashion?

Friendships and the feeling of being cute as fuck.

Monday, 8 December 2014

New blog

I haven't posted for a while due to my plain lazyness and the fact that i want to re jig my blog.
I am setting up my youtube account and will be linking my blog to that so hopefully i will be adding a lot more content of interesting stuffs soon.

I want to make something out of this blog that i can look back on and go memories you know?!?

Friday, 21 February 2014

Wardrobe post

If any of you have me on instergram (pepperminttealove) You will have seen some of my wardrobe. I have been in to lolita for 3 years and my wardrobe changes so much that I have never really seen a point in doing one. Within the last year however I have been getting rid of my sweet dresses and buying more darker prints! Halloween was an excellent time for this.
So on to the photos!
I apologize they are not amazing but I was using my Iphone camera and the sun kept disappearing behind the clouds!

Angelic Pretty Honey cake
I just opened this in the post this morning and I am so excited! I stupidly sold my yellow version last year and have regretted it since!

Alice and the Pirates royal crown tea package jsk

Moi Meme Moitie Stained Glass OP
My boyfriend bought me this as part of my birthday present while we were in Japan! :O

Juliette Et Justine  Cadre Du Chat jsk
Dream jsk I bought on the re release. Dream item I am gyming to get in to!

Alice and the Pirates- Cock Robin Mother Goose jsk

Alice and the Pirates Merry Making Ghost Town jsk

Innocent World-  No idea on the name impulse cheapy buy off mbok haha

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate jabbot jsk

Angelic Pretty Holy night Story jsk

Angelic Pretty Moon Night Theater jsk

Angelic Pretty Dream Sky 2nd release jsk

Angelic Pretty Promende de Paris halterneck jsk in mintxbrown

Angelic Pretty Fantastic Dolly jsk

Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam OP

Juliette et Justine Victorian Famille Robe jsk

Juliette et Justine Ange et Bouquet skirt

Juliette et Justine Jupe du Lapin et Camee
Soul reason for buying this skirt is the bunny's face hahaha

 Metamorphose candy star rabbit skirt

Jackets and Accessories! I love Angelic Pretty Jewelry. All the plastic goodness. I bought a stupid amount in Japan and it was all half price in the AP stores and Closet Child! I also tend to buy all the AP jewelry my friends are selling hahaha

Angelic Pretty Military cape in black

Angelic Pretty caplets

Baby the Stars Shine Bright shawl/cape thing.
This photo does not do it justice nor will it bloody rotate! The lace is to die for and it is so soft and beautiful!

Chess Story Coat in brown. Such good quality if your looking for a coat check them out!

Dear Celine coat in pink. It has detachable cuffs and neck fur.

Tights from Juliette et Justine and Grimoire! (sorry about the rotating again!)

My only lolita socks. Well brand anyway. I don't really wear them but I love the ankle socks I picked up in closet child.
All AP

My phone and computer want to annoy me today!

Bonnets and hats
I have an obsession with Holy night Story.
Need every colour!

Head pieces I bought a Frock on. They are absolutely beautiful but I can't for the life of me remember the stall name.

The brand plastic jewellrey. I have more but there in the re pair shop. Lots of rings coming off bases.

Angelic Pretty Barrettes!

This AMAZING headpiece I had hand made from Wonderbox. It is fabulous and matches my merry making ghost town jsk a treat! If you need a head accessory I would definitely check her out!

All AP except the brown wristcuffs.

All AP except gold necklace which is Emily Temple Cute

 All AP

Angelic Pretty Melty Moon bags in pink and black
Angelic Pretty Biscuit bags in pink and dark browny chocolate

Angelic Pretty Melty chocolate bag in pink
Angelic Pretty Donut bag in pink
Angelic pretty I think it's royal chocolate in light brown
Angelic Pretty red pouchette

Taobao bags
The accordion one goes great with holy night story

Muchacha bags!!!!

While this isn't all of my stuff I didn't want to bore you with off brand blouses and boleros and parasols. My shoes are all tea parties which are kinda boring and I didn't see the point in showing you my offbrand jewelry.

Stuff I have on the way

Lief Carousel jsk and headbow

Putumayo skirt

 Holy night Story bonnet in green

Angelic Pretty Coat of Arms jsk brown

 Angelic Pretty Wonder Party mini sleeves jsk
 Angelic Pretty biscuit bag in brown that completes my set!

Angelic Pretty Holy night story hat, jsk and head bow in white which will complete my white set :D

If you managed to read all that thank you very much!
Next time i will try to make it look cuter but me and technology don't really work!

Here's a photo of my pony Tristen to say thankyou!