Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Cardiff lolita meet

I moved to Cardiff nearly three and a half years ago for University. I have since stayed in this glorious city having secured a flat and permanent (for now) job. When I first moved to the city the lolita community was very small and consisted of three friends. One in college and the other two in university. Thinking back now I find myself very lucky to have been allowed access to such a small friendship group and count myself even luckier to call them my close friends.

Three and a half years later instead of just texting each other when we want to meet we have a Facebook community page, Instagram hashtag and a steady 10-15 members who regularly come for meets. The Cardiff lolita community has expanded far beyond what we ever expected and I am so grateful.

Two weeks ago we had our first meet of Spring to go to a vintage kilo sale. The sale was a bust but it was fabulous to be able to meet, go eat some cake and take some photos. With the weather as indecisive as me in Closet Child I was grateful the rain held out and the sun shone. Even if it was a little cold!


Jsk: Metamorphose
Blouse: Peacockalorum
Hat: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Souffle Song

I loved the JoJo posing it's a really great group photo, even if most members had never watched it!